Alicia + Phil in the Wild

I’ve been trying for MONTHS to get a couple, any couple to choose the Riverbanks Zoo as the location for their engagement session. So far, no takers. But along comes Alicia and Phil. The moment I mentioned it, Alicia was all for it. (I love a pioneer!!) So we decided that some time in the fall would be nice since it wouldn’t be 110 degrees.

Last Sunday, was the date. It was a great one. The Zoo was practically empty, and we really had much of the place to ourselves. A lot of beauty and love mixed with a little silliness and fun always creates a wonderful atmosphere. And this couple made it all work together.

A few from the day…

Note the VERY large vulture in the background just off of Phil’s shoulder. I don’t think Alicia’s expression could better!

Daniel Lane Photography

Alicia + Phil in the Wild

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