Lighting Problem Solving – Photoshoot With JoAnna

In a few weeks I’m doing a publicity photoshoot for some of my RCSD family. The concept I have in mind for that shoot presented a lighting problem. Rather than spend time during the actual workday trying to figure it out, I planned to solve it ahead of time. So I needed a model to stand around and look awesome, while I figured out the issue. Oddly, I got lucky and hit the solution in only three minutes. I stood there looking at the back of my camera saying, “I just took a wild guess here, and it worked! We’re done!”

But for being a trooper and coming out in 48 degree windchill temps, I took my favorite model, JoAnna, around an abandoned car dealership for her own private shoot. Just a few from the day…

South Carolina Model Photographer

Lighting Problem Solving – Photoshoot With JoAnna

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